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T-shirt printing for Artists

Freddie, Michael Myers, Jason the beastie Boys

Are you an artist looking to have your work printed on T-shirts?

Teepig can do T-shirt printing for artists.
If you’re one of the fortunate ones who can create wonderful visuals on canvas then the next most difficult step is to get your artwork out into the world for all the see and hopefully to monetise your efforts. Whether you’re just starting out or are a professional with a substantial portfolio adding T-shirts to your media is a cost effective way of expanding your brand.

With social media it’s pretty easy to exhibit your artwork. How would your followers react to making your work wearable on T-shirts and hoodies, caps and bags even, for a fraction of the price of an original canvas?
It’s another great way of showing off your art in the real world too. Teepig can provide T-shirts, printed in great detail and full colour for as little as £10 a tee.
The best part is you don’t need to put in a huge order. With our DTG and sublimation processes you can order one-offs for yourself or to trial or a you can bulk order for resale. That’s because we want you to make a profit. It’s your artwork after all.

Just recently our good friend and artist Zennablade had some T-shirts printed with his outrageous artwork. You can see them on the right. What’s crazy is the ‘Rambo on Spring Break’ painting is on canvas. A  photograph was taken on a camera phone and uploaded to the Teepig site for printing. The results are amazing. They’ve both gone down well with his instagram followers.

From printing options to choosing the right garment Teepig is here to help.

T-shirt styles

Choosing the right T-shirts is almost as important as the artwork to be printed on them.
Perhaps you just want to trial this new media of printing your art on T-shirts and you don’t want to invest too much to begin with.
In that case, the basic T-shirt options may be satisfactory. By far our most popular selling T-shirt is the Gildan softstyle. It balances quality and value better than any other and is perfect for everyday wear. Similar to this is the Iconic T-shirt, a light weight T-shirt ideal for hot summer days or wearing under clothes.
A step up in quality on both these T-shirts is the premium T-shirt. Because it’s thicker and ringspun cotton it feels like it is better quality. The shape is classic T-shirt.
Similar quality to this is Fine Jersey by American Apparel. It’s slightly thinner but the cut is more unique. This could complement your artwork as the T-shirt is not as ubiquitous as other well known brands like Gildan and Fruit of the Loom.
Next Level and Tee Jays T-shirts are top quality and would really work well for higher end products from brands with ambition.

Consider T-shirt printing for artists and creative types to take your art to the next level.

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We’re Still Printing

don't panic corporal jones

It’s 1st April and times are very strange. The good news is we’re still printing!

The outbreak of COVID-19 has made the economy almost grind to a halt. Because Teepig is online we can still maintain our service. The government’s guidelines are strictly observed while we continue our operation. Nothing is more of a priority than health. This means when we print T-shirts, sweaters and hoodies for online orders the workshop is in a high standard of hygiene.

You can order your customised T-shirts through Teepig with confidence.

As serious as the situation is we must attempt to continue as normal as we can while respecting the safe distance guidelines and sanitary advice.
You can still buy birthday gifts for your friends and loved ones. A great gift idea is a personalised T-shirt. The best part is you can design it yourself and you don’t have to leave your home. First of all, you would have to choose the appropriate garment. To do this you go to our online design page and select the right T-shirt, hoodie or sweater. We can even print on bags and aprons if you want something a little different but equally as thoughtful.
Once you have chosen the style, size and colour you can go to the designer page where you can decorate the T-shirt (or other garment and accessory) with text, shapes, photos and clipart. With a little bit of time and exploring you can create something really cool looking.
One-off personalised T-shirts cost as little as £10. That’s a great price for a very thoughtful gift.

Maybe it’s time to think about new clothing for your business. We can advise and supply customised workwear for all sorts of industry. Contact Teepig for more information about how we can assist you. Larger orders qualify for a bulk discount.
Do you run  a community groups or club? We can embroider your logos and emblems on polo shirts.

We custom print T-shirts and a load of other clothes and accessories for all sorts. Art, brands, bands, business, clubs, individuals, you name it!

Keep your spirits up

Check out this link about a T-shirt we printed for our Portishead community to help keep spirits up during the coronavirus crisis. You can do the same. Design your own humorous T-shirt to put a smile on people’s faces from two metres away when you’re on your daily walk.

Are you taking advantage of the downtime to get fit? You can personalise sports and activewear for your exercise sessions.

Even if you’re stuck for something to do at home and you’re a bit bored you can design a T-shirt for fun.

Stay safe people!

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Swimming Club Polo and T shirts

Swimming Club Polo Shirts

Just completed: The Portishead Amateur Swimming Club polo and T-shirts.

Not all of our orders come from online. As we are based in Portishead we also serve the town and wider community for garment printing.
The Portishead Amateur Swimming Club got in contact about new polos for the teachers and new T-shirts for the volunteers.
The polo shirts required embroidering although the artwork on the previous shirts only existed on the shirts! That means the logo had to be redrawn.
You see, that’s another service Teepig offers. We can design or edit new or existing artwork for your club attire.

Sometimes doing things the old fashioned way is the only way to get exactly what you want. Even though our online designer can be quick and easy to use, with plenty of great garments to choose from, sometimes you need a little advice on what’s best.

Choosing the right polo shirt.

In this case, someone from the club contacted us to ask what polos would be ideal for embroidering on the front and printing on the back. We offered the Gildan Dryblend for its sweat-wicking properties. Standing on the side of the pool can be hot work so a polo that helps you keep cooler would certainly top the pile.
We embroidered the left breast logo and printed ‘Swimming Teacher’ on the back using the sublimation process. The yellow text contrasts very nicely with the black of the shirt. Even the colours of the embroidery was changed slightly from the previous shirts for aesthetic purposes.
The colour chosen for the volunteer T-shirts was light blue. The style was the Gildan premium T-shirt. A decent quality tee that isn’t too thin nor too thick.

The Swimming Club polo and T-shirts were ready within the week!

Who can benefit?

Sports clubs, committees and community groups can all get their custom embroidered polos and printed T-shirts from Teepig. Also, Advice on garments and decorating techniques is always given freely and happily.  Teepig prints club polos and T shirts professionally in full colour with amazing detail.

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T-shirt Printing Bristol

Full colour DTG printed T-shirts

Bristol T-shirt Printing

Are you looking for T-shirt printing in Bristol? Teepig is a garment printing service based in Portishead just outside Bristol, not a great distance away from the centre.

Get in touch with us by calling 01275 840033 or emailing for bulk orders and fast turnarounds.

For smaller orders and single prints we offer an easy to use online design service where you can choose your garment styles, sizes and colours. After which you can add your own artwork or design online using the vast amount of photos, fonts and templates available.
This process is simple and fast. Once the order is in we will professionally print using the latest technologies in DTG and/or sublimation, then send it out to you to be received within 7 days.

If you’re in or around Bristol why not come in and see us in Portishead for your custom T-shirt printing? We can assist with designs and provide advice on our service. Moreover, we have a wide range of sample products you can see and touch which will help you decide what to choose.

See for yourself

There are so many styles of T-shirts to print on, it’s a minefield.
Perhaps your passion is to establish a brand. Therefore you’d be looking for top quality fashionable T-shirts and hoodies to decorate with your logo. We can supply the most modern styles of  tees and hooded sweaters.
Flying from Bristol for a stag party? We can sort you out with all your T-shirts for the trip. Keep the cost down with the basic style T-shirt, it’s only for a laugh after all. Furthermore, there’s a bulk discount on orders of ten or more. Same with Hen parties, we can supply you with lady fit basic tees that still look good and feel comfortable for the lowest price going.

Work and Business Clothing

T-shirt printing isn’t all we do. As well as DTG and sublimation printing we offer embroidery and screen printing. For example, we provided Venue Tapas Bar in Portishead High St. with their embroidered work shirts and hooded sweaters.
Also in Portishead is The Port craft microbrewery and bar, we printed their work T-shirts.

We are happy to consult and exhibit garments we can decorate with your business logo. It’s important to us we help you make an informed decision to get the best styles for you.

Sports Team shirts and Activewear

Are you involved in a 5-a-side football team in Bristol or Weston-Super-Mare? Now you can look the part with team shirts printed with your team badge and sponsor.
The Performance range of T-shirts are made for the active wearer. With sweat wicking, antibacterial and quick drying properties they are perfect for training, competitions and workouts.
Bristol Crossfit teams can also benefit from custom printed performance t-shirts.

Bristol Bands, we can print your band T-shirts and hoodies. Are you involved in a charity in Bristol? Teepig can do your printing.

Not just T-shirt printing…

Looking for hoodie printing in Bristol?  Teepig can print hoodies for you as well as sweaters, vests and jackets. Most importantly, there is no minimum order so we can keep prices as low as possible.
Cap embroidery is another service we offer. We have plenty of sample caps for you to try on too.

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Organic and Sustainable

trisha downing cotton field

These days it has become ever more important to consider the environmental impact of our industry on the planet. It is a global issue because we source many of our garments for printing from over seas. It is our responsibility to encourage and offer organic and sustainable clothing options for your custom printing.

The beauty is you don’t have to compromise quality to be more ethical. Some of the most highly recommended t-shirts and hoodies are organic.

Mantis – organic and sustainable

Take the Mantis Superstar for example: This particular T-shirt is fully organic, extremely comfortable and high quality. It surely lives up to its name. Another great product from Mantis is ‘The Sweatshirt’. It’s made from 80% OCS certified organic cotton and 20% recycled PET. That’s effectively recycled plastic bottles. It’s commendable that most of the larger clothing manufacturers and brands are now offering organic and sustainable products. Although Mantis that stands out from the crowd. This is because of their extensive range of organic products available. Mantis offer a great range of adult T-shirts. Scoop neck, long body and women’s vest dresses for example.

Founded in the UK, Mantis’s aim is to bring ethically sourced high quality products to the market. You can read more about the Mantis story here. This is just one of a number of brands and styles offering organic and sustainable garments for customisation and personalisation. Bags, backpacks, caps and a host of other apparel and accessories are being produced from sustainable materials.

Teepig will be constantly updating and adding to our available products. This is to give you the best options for your custom print organic and sustainable T-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts.
Times are changing. Organic and sustainable products are growing in range and becoming more cost effective to produce. As a result you can choose to customise organic t-shirts and hoodies for less cost.

Organic T-shirts printed professionally with your design.

In conclusion you can have your designs printed on ethically sourced, organic and sustainable T-shirts, sweaters and hoodies. Furthermore, it won’t cost you very much more, the choice is great and the quality is superb.

Please get in touch if you want to know more about custom printed organic t-shirts, hoodies and sweaters. Also contact us to personalise organic caps and bags with embroidery.

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Tattoo T-shirts

Tattoo T-shirts

At Teepig we love printing art onto T-shirts. Art otherwise reserved for tattoo studios can look really amazing on T-shirts as well. We offer printed Tattoo T-shirts.
If you work as a tattoo artist then maybe you should think about adding new a media to your canvasses. After all, there are many people out there who love tattoo art but for whatever reason – they’re a bit nervous about getting ink, they’ve run out of skin – they want to take something away with them just not as permanent as a tattoo.

Our good friend and neighbour in Portishead, The Black Lodge, is a tattoo studio who have recently asked us to print T-shirts for them. With several tattoo artists creating different styles of artwork they are adding more products in their studio. Original T-shirts printed with their own work will be going on sale. You can see some of the tattoos here.
Sailor and nautical style tattoos are popular again. This style of traditional tattoo was made especially famous in the early 20th Century by Sailor Jerry of Hawaii who would tattoo Pacific sailors with images of rum bottles, bare breasted women, eagles, wildcats, snakes and daggers.
Because of the bold outlines and simple colours these images look fantastic on T-shirts.
As a tattooist having your art printed on T-shirts is further advertisement and another source of income. It is a way to grow your brand. And as it is not just your livelihood but also your passion you’ll want the quality of T-shirt and print to be high end. Teepig can provide advice on appropriate T-shirts, hoodies and sweaters which will compliment your work.