video guide t-shirt design online

T-shirt Design Video Guide

If you’ve found yourself here you probably want to design your own custom T-shirt but need some assistance going about it. We’re here to help make your design look as best as can be.
Teepig’s online designer is built for ease of use and to give you a huge amount of scope to explore your design ideas. Let’s get started!

Watch this video for a brief walkthrough of the design features. First of all, choose your garment type. In the video I have chosen a Ringspun Premium T-shirt. This T-shirt is a step up in quality from the basic type. Moreover, it’s super comfortable and slightly thicker than most. You’ll be able to tell the difference in quality. Next, once you’ve selected your garment type, is the page where you can choose colours, sizes and how many. It is also the page where you select where you want your design printed. Specifically front or back or both!
As soon as you have opted for at least one item the link to ‘start design’ will appear as a pink box. The designer page will then open. Front and centre is the T-shirt or other garment you have chosen. In it is the design box.

Design Features

On the left are the text templates. There are loads to choose from.
Whether you’re designing a T-shirt for your business, as a gift, for a club or project, or even just for yourself you’ll find something you like here. Editing the text templates couldn’t be easier. Simply select the text box by double clicking, then type.
At the top you can change size, font, colour etc..

Under the text option is an icon for clipart. Here you’ll find a good selection of basic images in several categories. One of the most appealing features of online design is the ability to upload your photos. You can print photos on T-shirts! Not only that, we do it in super quality. Photos on T-shirts can be your own or you can use Pixabay and Unsplash – thousands of royalty free images.

This video is just a quick guide, but with a little time and exploring you can create a fantastic design using photos, text, shapes, emojis, frames. Look out for more videos concentrating on more specific T-shirt design features.