Screen Printing

With our Riley Hopkins 6 colour screen printing press we are able to provide a high quality screen printing service. With up to 5 colours plus white ink for dark shirts, the design limitations are minimal. We create all elements for screen printing in-house so we are not reliant on any third party for film creation or screen manufacturer.

We print using quality environmentally friendly inks onto all blends of fabric. We have multiple sized platens for printing onto various elements of a garment, from the sleeves to the face of a bag.

Screen printing used to be the ‘go-to’ process for printing garments, in recent years it’s been superseded by DTG printing, which we also do. The reason for that was due to screen setup costs for full colour garments, with DTG there are none so one offs and small numbers can be easily accommodated at low cost. However saying that, not all our clients want full colour process prints. With screen printing, we can print in metallics, fluorescents and even glow in the dark inks. Instead of the print being made up of a halftone screen (dots evenly spaced) the colours in screen printing are solid and vibrant. We can also mix up inks into industry standard Pantone colours to match brand identity and corporate guidelines.

The turnaround for screen printing is upwards of 1 week, obviously depending on what’s ordered. If you require a printed garment urgently, go for the DTG process. One of the reasons screen printing takes longer is because it’s one of the only trades left relatively unchanged by technology. It’s a manual skilled process and cannot be rushed.

If you would like to get in-touch regarding our screen printing service, please contact us using our form on our website.