Quick Tips

Over the years we have printed and embroidered many different designs on a huge range of T-shirts, polos, hoodies, sweaters and more. Read these Quick Tips to help us both get the best results.
We recommend:
1. Softstyle T-shirts in black or white for faster turnaround times.
2. Clear, high resolution designs with no big blocks of white or colour (on coloured and black T-shirts)
3. Use the ‘Design Online’ feature to upload your design and place it at the right size on the T-shirt.
4. Wash at 30°, don’t iron or tumble dry.

Here in more detail:

1. T-shirt choice.

We get it, you might not want to pay much for a t-shirt that you’re going to wear once at a party or stag do then use it to paint the shed. In this case stick with the budget T-shirt. It’s entirely a cost decision. Better still – stick to white.
It’s much cheaper for us to print on white T-shirt, full colour print not a problem.
Personally I think the basic t-shirts are naff. I wouldn’t wear one myself.
If you want a bit more comfort and style the softstyle is the best choice. This T-shirt is our ‘go to’. Decent price, good print quality. That goes for printing on T-shirts of colour too.
Premium T-shirts are thicker at 180gsm (grams per square metre) as opposed to the thinner softstyle at around 150gsm. These are ideal for T-shirts you want to get a bit more wear out of. Comfortable ringspun cotton means they’re ideal for casual wear, light work wear, trying out a new brand or  a gift.
Our top recommended T-shirt is probably the Anthem organic T-shirt. It’s only about 145gsm but it’s a great cut and a quality T-shirt. You can workout in it and go for a cocktail after (probably not in the exact same one, but that’s up to you). It prints great too which is the main thing.

2. Design

We do our best with what we’re given but we’re not magicians. If you have a thumbnail image and you want it big on a T-shirt it’s going to look rubbish. PLEASE CHECK YOUR ARTWORK. This is probably the most important tip of all. We get all sorts of terrible designs that have been sent on a phone, on a screen that’s 2 by 3 inches.
Generally a decent size T-shirt print is about 24cm wide and 36cm long. Make sure your design, or photo is about this size. Preferably more than 150 dpi (dots per inch).
Once you’ve chosen your T-shirt on Teepig the next process is ‘design’. You’ll be prompted to upload your own full design or ‘Design here Online’. Either is fine but we recommend ‘Design here Online’. This is because you can still upload and place your design on the T-shirt. The ‘upload a full design’ does not allow you to do this so you may want to leave instruction. You can do this on the CHECKOUT page. At the bottom there is an ‘ORDER NOTES’ box you can leave instruction.

T-shirt Design Online
Choose ‘Design Here Online’ to place your upload.

If your design includes a photo make sure it is not too shadowy or blurry, unless that’s the required effect, of course. Printing on white T-shirts is much easier for this. Colour is fine, but white is better.
One of the design styles that gets us swearing is a big white background on a coloured t-shirt. Yuk. Again, it’s not that we can’t do it, it’s just it’s a lot of white ink.
Our recommendation is to use as much of the media (eg. the T-shirt colour) in the design. You can still have a big design with less ink. It will look and last better in the long run. For example; text and lines – yes. Big blocks – nah.
This is especially true of thicker items like hoodies and sweaters.

3. Turnaround Time.

We offer more products than we have in stock. If you order a 2XL baseball T-shirt with antique gold sleeves the chances are we will have to order it from our supplier. The T-shirts we can ship out the quickest are white softstyle T-shirts – no problem, we always have them in stock. That goes for black of the same style.
If you’re in a hurry for your custom T-shirts and you want a super fast turnaround then please contact us directly on 01275 840033 or email teepigprinting@gmail.com, before ordering online.
We always aim to get our T-shirts to you within 5 working days (UK customers).

4. Finished Product & Aftercare

If you’ve received your T-shirt then it has passed our quality control. You may think it’s wicked (we hope you do), you may think it’s good, decent, ok, rubbish or unacceptable. Please let us know how we did. We want you to be happy and to use Teepig again. Quite honestly there are rare circumstances whereby we believe a better outcome could have been achieved but the costs involved in creating one offs is not an exact science. We do not offer perfection, we just do our best to create a product you’re very happy with.

When it comes to washing your custom T-shirt 30° ideal. Higher temperatures may degrade the print quality, as will multiple washes. Avoid tumble drying and ironing to preserve the print of your personalised T-shirts and hoodies.

Hope these Quick Tips helped and we sincerely hope you love your custom T-shirts.