carbon foot t-shirt prints T-shirts Against Tyranny

Carbon Foot Prints

Carbon Foot Prints T-shirts Against Tyranny,

Carbon Foot because you are the Carbon they want to reduce.

What are your thoughts on a cashless society, the objective of Net Zero, 15 minute cities, Low Emission Zones, the World Economic Forum, Lockdowns, vaccine mandates et al? Are the measures implemented to combat environmental and health emergencies just conspiracy theories or conspiracy fact?
Teepig have joined forces with Carbon Foot Prints to bring you T-shirts Against Tyranny. Because here we believe there is a plan to deprive you of your freedom and the environment is the excuse. Are you looking for T-shirts that shows you stand against tyranny? Sometimes it’s difficult to find the right audience to warn them of the impending threat of the World Economic Forum and Agenda 2030. Perhaps your friends think you’re a crazy tinfoil hat wearer. Wouldn’t it be easier to walk down the street with your message on your T-shirt? Well, now you can.
Check out for a growing range of anti-tyranny pro freedom T-shirts, sweaters and hoodies. Here you’ll find T-shirts in support of the London Blade Runners against Saddiq Khan’s ULEZ. Satirical T-shirts lambasting Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum and their stupid slogan ‘OWN NOTHING, BE HAPPY’. Bill Gates T-shirts highlighting his unhealthy obsession with playing god and vaccinating the world. Even though Bill Gates well known to want to reduce the human population on Earth. Mad man.

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Perhaps you knew from the beginning of Covid-19 something sinister was afoot. If you did you likely were against the covid vaccine, especially the mandates, bribes and push from authorities to get your jab. Well Carbon Foot has T-shirts for you too. T-shirts that denounce Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates for their efforts to vaccinate everybody. The truth and alternative views were censored and silenced. Trust the science you were told. Now we know they lied about the science.


Not long ago the reports about Jeffrey Epstein were considered just a conspiracy. Now we know Epstein, in cahoots with Ghislaine Maxwell hosted powerful people on his Caribbean island, Little St. James, for purposes of underage sex and blackmail. Somehow those on the Epstein client list have yet to face justice? Are these people too powerful? Do they live by a different set of rules and morals to the rest of us? Carbon Foot has a few  Epstein T-shirts.

How about the Covid Inquiry? The millions of our tax pounds spent on useless PPE during the ‘pandemic’. While people’s livelihoods were stripped friends of ministers were sweeping up and profiting greatly from the emergency measures. Aren’t these the issues we should be talking about? Let’s get it on a T-shirt.

New Ideas

You can design your own conspiracy T-shirt right here on Teepig. In fact, if you’ve been reading this far and would like to design your own T-shirt you can claim 10% off your order by using CarbonFoot in the coupon code. But first check out to see what is on offer. Not only will you find T-shirts but hoodies and sweaters too.

Because of how serious these threats are to justice, freedom and our livelihoods Teepig is making a stand.