Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing is a fantastic way to get your design on a T-shirt with great detail and colour.

Sublimation is one of our most popular processes for printing on T-shirts, hoodies and accessories.
The difference between sublimation and direct to garment printing is it relies on heat pressing the print into the garment similar to vinyl heat pressing. Although with sublimation you can have very detailed, intricate and multiple colours printed in one quick process. This means when you order your personalised T-shirt, for example, we can have it printed and shipped to you within 48 hours.
Customised T-shirts printed by sublimation boast a very bold decoration which will last as long as the garment itself and does not fade or peel off after just a few washes like some vinyl prints.

Moreover, to add to its versatility, sublimation offers glitter and shiny finishes like gold, silver and metallic. So if you’re looking for your personalised jacket or bag to have a bit of sparkle then Teepig can deliver.

Sublimation is the process we advise to go with for light coloured text on darker shirts. This is because of the comparison of printing results when compared to DTG. The sublimation finish is bolder and sits on the garment better. That’s not to say it is always the best choice. For example, if you wanted a solid colour block printed on a T-shirt then the sublimation finish would have a synthetic, almost plastic feeling to it. It performs much better with gaps in the print so the garment can breathe and the print doesn’t feel as synthetic. Although, there is a process to create tiny holes in the design to allow air and moisture to pass through which helps keep a more natural feel and also preserves the print.

Without a doubt printing personalised backpacks and bags by sublimation is very effective.
Not only that, it is the best choice for customising performance and active wear. If you’re looking to have your own exercise tops printed with your brand or design then sublimation is the process we’d use. This is because we can heat press sublimation print onto polyester materials. Unlike the DTG process which would not be as effective to decorate activewear.
Sublimation is a great choice for printing full colour onto football shirts and other sports clothes.

By far, sublimation is the most versatile process for decoration. Not just that though, it is quick and low cost. You don’t have to order in bulk to benefit from the value. A personalised t-shirt can cost as little as £10 and a personalised bag as little as £20.

If you’d like to know more about how Teepig prints with sublimation then please contact us.