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UK T-shirt Printing & Embroidery

Hang 10 Embroidered organic hoodies

Here at Teepig, we are always continuing to improve our UK T-shirt printing and garment decorating service.  To achieve this we aim to make our online design feature as easy and as quick to use as possible. Furthermore, reducing turnaround times from order to delivery is a priority.
When you order a standard T-shirt in colours such as white, black or grey we can process the order quicker. That’s not to say it will take much longer with other colours or styles. Although we try to stock a wide range of T-shirts and hoodies we often have to order from our supplier.
This also means we can offer much more than what is one the site.

The online designer allows you to create your own T-shirt design in minutes. The best part is you don’t need to be a whizz at photoshop or have any design experience. You can upload photographs and images to have printed on T-shirts in amazing quality. You can add text in loads of fonts and colours. Watch this video as a guide to how you can design your own great T-shirt.

Direct to Garment printing and sublimation printing are the methods we generally use for your one off  and small orders. In addition we offer screen printing for bulk orders and also embroidery.

Custom Embroidery

We have supplied a number of businesses and clubs with embroidered tops. Venga, a Portishead tapas bar, Greenbird Landscaping and Hang 10 Custom Conversions are three such businesses. Custom work hoodies, sweaters,  shirts and polos can be embroidered with up to six colours in the design.
Teepig provides custom Golf Society polo shirts and sweaters. Embroidered golf polo shirts are a great addition to your society by helping to bond the players out on the course and in the club house. Your own embroidered golf society tops give the members a sense of belonging.
It doesn’t just stop with polos and sweaters either. You can have your own caps and golf towels printed or embroidered too.

Please contact us directly to find out more about how Teepig can  help you with  your embroidery requirements.

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Printed Workwear

custom building trade t-shirt

Are you a tradesman or trades person looking to have your own printed workwear? Teepig is able to print your custom T-shirts and hoodies like we have done for Bristol SIPS and Carpentry.
Don’t worry if you think your order would be too small. You can still benefit from great value even if you just want a couple of T-shirts printed. Prices start from as little as £10 for a full colour print on a T-shirt. Furthermore, there are loads of T-shirts to choose from. It’s not just work T-shirts we print, we also print hoodies, sweaters, jackets and accessories like aprons,  high-vis tabbards, you name it.
Custom embroidery for your workwear is also an option. Perhaps you prefer embroidered polo shirts for your business. Teepig offers a multicoloured embroidery service for your business name or logo. Your business name and logo can be embroidered onto caps and hats as well as other types of workwear.

If you work in the building trade you know the life of your workwear is short. You can either wear budget custom T-shirts or you can wear more durable quality T-shirts. That’s up to you. Teepig can provide both. Custom Print Budget T-shirts won’t will still give you great value and by ordering ten or more you will qualify for bulk discount.
Heavier T-shirts may prove to be more durable which would save your business money in the long run. The premium T-shirt is ideal for this option.

So whatever your trade, carpenter, plumber, electrician, builder, plasterer, Teepig is here for your custom print workwear.

Design Online

It’s easy to do. Simply select the garments you want, choose the colour, the sizes and the amount you need then proceed to the online designer where you can upload your own business name, logo, whatever you want printed. Process the order and we’ll do the rest.

You may be looking for something in particular. In which case please contact us and we’ll help where we can.
Teepig is always improving its site by adding more quality garments popular for decoration.

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We’re Still Printing

don't panic corporal jones

It’s 1st April and times are very strange. The good news is we’re still printing!

The outbreak of COVID-19 has made the economy almost grind to a halt. Because Teepig is online we can still maintain our service. The government’s guidelines are strictly observed while we continue our operation. Nothing is more of a priority than health. This means when we print T-shirts, sweaters and hoodies for online orders the workshop is in a high standard of hygiene.

You can order your customised T-shirts through Teepig with confidence.

As serious as the situation is we must attempt to continue as normal as we can while respecting the safe distance guidelines and sanitary advice.
You can still buy birthday gifts for your friends and loved ones. A great gift idea is a personalised T-shirt. The best part is you can design it yourself and you don’t have to leave your home. First of all, you would have to choose the appropriate garment. To do this you go to our online design page and select the right T-shirt, hoodie or sweater. We can even print on bags and aprons if you want something a little different but equally as thoughtful.
Once you have chosen the style, size and colour you can go to the designer page where you can decorate the T-shirt (or other garment and accessory) with text, shapes, photos and clipart. With a little bit of time and exploring you can create something really cool looking.
One-off personalised T-shirts cost as little as £10. That’s a great price for a very thoughtful gift.

Maybe it’s time to think about new clothing for your business. We can advise and supply customised workwear for all sorts of industry. Contact Teepig for more information about how we can assist you. Larger orders qualify for a bulk discount.
Do you run  a community groups or club? We can embroider your logos and emblems on polo shirts.

We custom print T-shirts and a load of other clothes and accessories for all sorts. Art, brands, bands, business, clubs, individuals, you name it!

Keep your spirits up

Check out this link about a T-shirt we printed for our Portishead community to help keep spirits up during the coronavirus crisis. You can do the same. Design your own humorous T-shirt to put a smile on people’s faces from two metres away when you’re on your daily walk.

Are you taking advantage of the downtime to get fit? You can personalise sports and activewear for your exercise sessions.

Even if you’re stuck for something to do at home and you’re a bit bored you can design a T-shirt for fun.

Stay safe people!

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Hospitality Clothing Decoration

Young lady pouring cocktail embroidered blouse

Teepig offers decoration for hospitality clothing. This comes in the form of embroidery and printing for pub, bar, restaurant and coffee house attire and workwear. This includes all forms of catering, restaurant and bar uniform.

Stylish shirts, blouses, aprons and T-shirts are available through our quick ordering process and by brands such as Premier and Brook Taverner. Moreover, even if it’s not on our site for online design we can order it in especially.
We know that as a brand owner or business manager you’d be looking for the best quality at the most affordable price for your staff. In addition, you may require staff clothing to be unique. This is something Teepig can help with.

Artisan coffee houses and craft beer bars can also benefit from custom printed work wear at very reasonable prices. Simple printed T-shirts are an effective solution for casual staff uniform. You can even design something yourself with Teepig’s online design feature.

Local microbrewery and taproom The Port, a front for the Portishead Brewing Co. uses 2 colours of Gildan Hammer T-shirts for its staff uniform. Decorated with durable and long lasting sublimation print, the shirt performs after multiple washes and still retained its original quality.

The staff at Venga tapas bar in Portishead are now wearing stylish new blouses and shirts with the Venga logo embroidered on the left breast. A standout logo of red on black is a clear example of brand promotion and professionalism.
Teepig can provide the garments and the decoration all together for one great price.
Contact us directly if you are interested in having your logo embroidered on hospitality clothing.