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DTG Printing vs Screen Printing

Direct to garment or DTG is an ideal way of getting your artwork, photo or logo onto clothing.

The main advantage of DTG over screen printing is the ease and low cost of producing few garments with a very high quality print.

Conventional screen printing is a great way of printing quality images onto garments if what is being printed has few colours, bold lines and is relatively simple because the more colours you use the more screens you need. It’s only worthwhile doing if you are producing multiple garments of the same print. DTG on the other hand is a great way to print one-offs or small runs. The preparation is very quick and easy compared to screen printing where each different colour needs to have a screen made. To produce a screen a film needs to be printed, then covered with emulsion, left to dry, then exposed with UV, then washed out, dried again then it’s ready to use. This has to be done for each colour being printed on your garment.

DTG is so much simpler and if you wanted a single one off T-shirt of your design for instance, it’s great value. At just over £15 for a single custom printed T-shirt including postage offers some of the best prices online. There are obviously no screen setup charges, what you pay is what you see on the website.

£15 all in, that’s cheaper than you can get boutique brands in the shop – and it’s your very own design. How cool would it be to wear your own artwork on a T-shirt for only £15? DTG quality is un-compromised. You’ll get a bold, clear print on your garment with impressive image detail.