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More Products for Online Design

design your own rucksack

With thousands of choices, bringing you the best clothing products for your own designs is an ongoing task.
Now Teepig can offer more products for online design.

You can now create your own custom made backpack. First of all, choose from several different colours of backpack then click the link for online design. This is where you can add your own artwork or design it yourself using the provided templates on the left column. Here you’ll find not only a great selection of font templates but also clipart, shapes, frames and links to thousands of free to use photos.

Also added to the site are hospitality aprons you can customise with your own brand logo or design. Choose from 20 colours all made from 100% preshrunk cotton. This apron is perfect for professional catering and craftwork. A personalised apron would also make a great gift for someone you know who likes cooking.

There are more T-shirts and hoodies to choose from now too! Retro style baseball T-shirts and Ringer T-shirts can now be personalised with our online design feature. Brands Next Level and Sol’s manufacture some of the best t-shirts available and we have them to print your designs on, professionally and in full colour.
Another style added to the site is the Long Body T-shirt. In addition to other styles of T-shirt the Long Body offers the wearer something slightly different which is both modern and stylish.

Even more products  for online design will be added to the site in the near future. Keep up to date with Teepig on our social media pages.

design your own apron
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New Product for Online Design – Anvil Tri-Blend T-shirt

Anvil tri-blend t-shirt

Teepig is excited to be able to offer you another great T-shirt you can get your designs on.

The Anvil Tri-Blend T-shirt.

This great T-shirt ticks all the boxes. With its super soft feel and fashionable cut it’s perfect for all casual wear. Because the Anvil Tri-Blend T-shirt is lightweight and soft draping it makes it an ideal T-shirt for workouts, running and other performance activities.
This is the tee that you can go out for coffee in and then go to the gym in.

The Tri-Blend is a rise in standard from the soft feel T-shirts like the popular Gildan softstyle. Whereas the latter is slightly thinner at 153 gsm the Tri-Blend feels lighter and hangs softer at 159 gsm.

What is Tri-Blend?

Tri-Blend means made from three materials. In this case, with the Anvil Tri-Blend T-shirt, it is a blend of 50% polyester, 25% cotton and 25% viscose.
The combination of the three means this T-shirt outperforms its competitors. For activewear the sweat wicking properties of the polyester means it doesn’t become saturated. Contrarily, the viscose and cotton do absorb moisture but also this allows the garment to breath which makes it quick drying and cooling. Perfect for exercise and sport.

Why choose Anvil Tri-Blend T-shirts?

As previously noted, the sweat wicking, cooling sand quick drying properties make this a great choice for workout attire. Along with the lightweight and soft hanging characteristics it is a T-shirt that allows you to move freely and easily. The comfort and soft feel of this tee is not just a benefit for exercise but of general casual wear also. In fact, this would be a choice T-shirt for all types of use.
Another plus is there are twenty colours to choose from. So whatever your taste is, or whatever design you have there is bound to be a colour that complements.

The tight weave of the T-shirt means it has a density congruent to a good print. Teepig can provide full colour, long lasting prints of your design in great detail.
Check out our online design feature and get to work creating your very own custom print T-shirt.