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The best T-shirt for Dad Bods

What’s the best T-shirt for your body shape?
If you are a man between thirty and fifty, like a beer and burger, try to fit in a game of football or rugby between work and looking after the kids the chances are you’ll have a ‘dad bod’- a body with decent muscle under some insulation and an inch or two extra on the waist.
You may think you’re still fit and when you breathe in you look as slender as you did when you were twenty-two but the reality is you don’t. What you wear can make a difference.

Firstly don’t get too jealous. These young lads can’t put it away like you. And their time will come. You may be even proud of your timber. If you are a semi-fitted style T-shirt would work for you. The Gildan Ringspun Softstyle is a first choice for personalised T-shirt decoration. At fantastic value it prints well and looks great on slim to not so slim bodies alike. It takes the shape of the body, hugs the arms slightly but doesn’t ever seem like it’s tight fitting providing you stick with your regular size.

The classic fit style T-shirt will show less body shape if you prefer that. If you have a slimmer body you may look a bit lost in this style as it has more room in the body and wider sleeves. This certainly benefits the more chunkier chap. If you like comfort and thickness of weave you can’t go wrong with Fruit of The Loom Ringspun Premium option. A real quality garment that washes at sixty degrees.
Certain classic shaped T-shirts can be worn baggy by slimmer lads. Nakedshirt offer some stylish variations for this. The thinner shirts having less grams per square meter allow the it to hang nicely.

Fruit of the Loom Iconic T-shirts are recommended for lean, slimmer bodies. The sleeves are shorter quite narrow for a stylish fitted look and at 150gsm they’re perfect for a warm day or thin enough to wear under a sweater. The FoTL Iconic tee is also great for DTG printing.  Just don’t try squeezing into your regular size if you have a decent dad bod – you’ll look like the Michelin Man.

For an even more stylish T-shirt the Anvil range is worthy of a look. The Lightweight Long and Lean is a thin, fitted T-shirt with extra length at the back in a drop tail. 100% ringspun cotton for all but the heather grey.
The Anvil Curved Tee offers another modern take on a classic fit T-shirt having a stylish curve on the bottom hem.
The Anvil Featherweight T-shirt is only 110gsm one of the lightest and thinnest T-shirts you’ll find. Ideal for scorching days and wet T-shirt competitions if you’re really proud of your dad bod!