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Personalised T-shirts for 2020

Custom T-shirts 2020

Personalised T-shirts for 2020

Now we’re in the season for T-shirts how about making some great changes to your wardrobe?
This year Teepig can offer you some amazing choices at better prices than any boutique. You can’t get more original than wearing your own design.
This post is written by me, the person who prints and wears these T-shirts. I’ll be giving you my own personal critique of each of my favourite T-shirts I like to put on. These are the best choices in personalised T-shirts for 2020.

Gildan Softstyle

The Gildan Sofstyle is definitely punching above its weight when you consider the quality you get for the price. Out of the following T-shirts this one is best value for money. It’s super comfortable because of the ringspun cotton and on the heather varieties the polyester. The softstyle not only boasts the comfort but also the fit. These T-shirts have a fit perfect for the athletic to average body shapes, what they call eurofit, or semi-fitted. This also means they are slightly on the smaller size, so, for example, if you’re unsure about going for a medium or a large – go for the large.

At 145 gsm it is lightweight but doesn’t feel too light. The colour choices are huge for this style too.
The only major drawback to the Gildan softstyle is it does shrink a little at a 40 degree wash, this coupled with the smaller sizes means if you put on a few pounds it might show.


Both Fruit of the Loom and Gildan do great quality premium T-shirts. The premium T-shirt has probably more longevity than the softstyle. Firstly its thicker cotton at 185-195 gsm, it feels good quality, especially as it’s also ringspun cotton. Another benefit is it handles better after hotter washes, it doesn’t shrink. Premium T-shirts are more of the classic shape, they hug the arms and the body less but still hold an attractive shape. This T-shirt is the ‘everyman’, ideal for those who don’t really care about showing off their muscles.
Not as many colours in this range but still it covers all bases. The premium T-shirt is ideal for personalisation for gifts, funny T-shirts or workwear.

American Apparel Fine Jersey

A very decent T-shirt, always a joy to put on. The American Apparel Fine Jersey T-shirt boasts quality for sure. The colour range is extensive. The shape is not hugging but hangs nicely at a good length. It feels quite light at 146 gsm but also feels like you’re wearing something substantial. A good quality everyday T-shirt.

Next Level Crew Neck

The Next Level T-shirt is my personal favourite right now. I like it especially because of the fit. It hugs my arms but isn’t too tight on the body. Also it hangs just right and is a perfect length. Similar in weight and feel to the American Apparel but softer like the Gildan Softstyle. Colours for this range cover all bases too. This is a great choice for personalising your own T-shirt or for a gift for someone close to you. Also on the shortlist for fashion brands.

Tee Jays Interlocking

Out on its own for its super quality is the Tee Jays Interlocking T-shirt. This one would definitely be my favourite if I hit the gym a little more. Effectively a muscle-fit T-shirt it hugs the body nicely and is a thick, comfortable feel. This is the T-shirt of choice for brands with ambition and for the fashion conscious. Even though it is the most expensive T-shirt of the group I believe it is still great value for its pure quality. Look out for Tee Jays clothing as it is some of the finest you’ll find on the market.

In Summary, you won’t be disappointed with any of these T-shirts for printing your own design.
The Gildan Softstyle is an ideal low cost gift. To print one side full colour on white is only £11. This would also be a good choice for promotional T-shirts or light work T-shirts.
The premium is a good quality all rounder, good for both work, promotional, gifts and your own design and for all shapes and sizes.
The American Apparel is the middle ground between the premium and the Next Level T-shirt.
The Next Level T-shirt is a great choice for the more fashion oriented. It is casual but modern. Ideal for band merchandise and cool brands.
Custom Tee Jays Interlocking T-shirt is the perfect gift for men and women with style. Brands that want to set themselves apart should consider this style.
Personalised T-shirts for 2020.