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What we can do for you and your charity

Are you organising or taking part in a fun day or charity event? You’ll likely require some custom T-shirts printing for staff and attendees.

If you don’t have any branded garments for your event you are missing out on the advertising opportunity it affords. If all your staff or volunteers are wearing your branded t-shirts you’ll benefit not only from looking organised but also help the general public easily see who’s sponsoring the event.

Check out our range of garments, colours and templates to see what best suits your activity and get personalising to help make the day a great success.



Super Fast!

Fast turnaround using our DTG printing technology. We can print a full colour plus white A2 full colour print in approximately 30-40 seconds.

Industrial Print Heads

Utilising the latest industrial printing heads from Epson, we can produce a full colour print with white under-base in a single pass.

White Ink, no problem!

We use the very best inks from DuPoint, this ensures that all pigment.

Detailed Type

Small text required, no problem. We can print down to as small as 12 point text on our DTG printing press!

Design Online

Design your artwork online using our dedicated garment designer

Artwork Help

Free artwork guides to help you design the best t-shirt possible

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