[title divider=”short” align=”left” title=”Earn commission with Paydirt, Teepigs amazing affiliate program”]

It’s not every day you get the chance to earn some easy money, but here we are, willing to provide…

Send us a design

You can submit your design for a Tee in vector/raster high resolution format that can be sold on our website. The better the design, the more sales we get and the more money you make. With commissions of up to £3 per sale, you can do the math. If we sell 10 of your tops, you earn £30.

All you need to do is create your own design which does not breach any copyright rules and submit it to us for approval. If we consider it a worthy contender for shop floor space, it’ll be published and you’ll start earning commission immediately.

Paydirt is an affiliate scheme by TeePig which enables you to earn commission every-time one of your affiliate links makes a purchase from our online store. You can also have the opportunity to have your very own designs featured on our website and earn commission each time one sells.